The South Coast Education Service District, Region #7 (ESD) operates on behalf of the students attending Coos, Curry and Western Douglas Counties. The ESD provides a number of services for your local school district.

• Teachers serve students in the Adaptive Life Skills classes in sites which include public schools, the community with access to the college, skilled nursing care facilities, and vocational sites. These students range in age from 3 to 21 years. Their programs emphasize adaptive, functional skills, with the goal of improving students’ independence and quality of life.

• The Early Childhood/Special Education Program provides eligible children, ages birth to five, with assessment intervention and service coordination. Children having needs in the areas of communication, cognition, physical skills, social interaction and behavior, or self-help skills may receive services within their home, daycare, preschool, or special education preschool setting.

• Our School Psychology Services team works with local school districts’ assessment teams by providing psycho-educational evaluations to assess the unique needs and abilities of students who are suspected of having a disability or disabilities. Team members may also provide recommendations for students’ educational and behavioral management needs.

• Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD, as a contractor for Cascade Regional Program, subcontracts with South Coast ESD for the provision of services to students with disabilities in the following categories: vision, hearing, orthopedic and autism. These programs provide services for students, birth through 21 years of age. Hearing, vision, and orthopedic services include consultation with classroom staff and families, as well as assessment and direct intervention with students in schools, in the community, and in vocational sites. Autism services focus on assessment, consultation, and training for service-providers and families.

• The Mild and Moderate Orthopedic Program provides training and support to allow students with mild to moderate orthopedic or moderate to severe sensory-motor impairments to benefit from their educational environment and become as independent as possible in their school, home, and community settings.

• Speech-Language pathologists serve students ranging in age from 5 to 21 years with disorders of language, articulation, fluency, oral-pharyngeal function, or voice disorders which interfere with communication, pre-academic and/or academic learning, vocational training, or social adjustment.

• Hearing screening and follow-up services are provided for approximately 4,000 students each year by the Hearing Conservation Program Audiological Services, which include screening, assessment of hearing, habilitation and rehabilitation of children with impairment of auditory function. Services are available to students, birth to age 21.

• The Instructional Services department provides leadership and support for local district instructional program assessment, staff inservice and curriculum development. The program coordinates and helps develop the curriculum services provided throughout the region such as school improvement, implementation of 21st Century Schools legislation, textbook adoption, liaison with the State Department of Education, essential skills development, consortium grant writing and implementation of programs such as drug and alcohol prevention, math/science curriculum/staff development, academically talented, and student assessment. Teacher technology training, Distance Learning development, and United Streaming are also provided.

• The ESD Attendance/Home Schooling department provides approval of home instruction and attendance services. Testing for home school students is provided by independent examiners throughout Coos, Curry, Douglas and other counties of Oregon.

• The Technology Services Department provides technology services such as computer consulting, network development, computer repairs and configurations, distance learning, and Internet setup. Technicians are available to assist districts with a variety of equipment, networking, and planning.

• School-based Health Services (Medicaid Billing) is a reimbursement program set up through the Oregon Medical Assistance Program to assist districts with the cost of providing Special Education programs. South Coast ESD is currently enrolled in this program and provides billing services to local school districts.