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Home School Procedures

The South Coast ESD maintains home school records for Coos, Curry and Western Douglas counties. In order to comply with the compulsory school attendance law, the parent or guardian of a student between the ages of 6 and 18 must notify the ESD of their intent to home school within 10 calendar days of withdrawing the child from school or 10 calendar days from the beginning of the local school year. Download the Notification of Intent to Home School form.

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Home schooling is an educational option in Oregon. Parents who choose to home school their children must register them at their local Education Service District (ESD) within 10 days of withdrawal from public or private school.

To Register Your Child For Home Schooling:

Home schoolers must be registered with their local Education Service District (ESD). Registration must occur within 10 days of withdrawal from public school. To register your child for home schooling, contact your ESD representative.

Home School Testing

Curriculum and assignments are not provided by the State, however, testing is required at grades 3, 5, 8 and 10. Please visit the State Standards webpage which states the grade level expectations for what public school students are expected to be able to know and be able to do by graduation. Your local ESD, district or public school may also be able to provide additional resources to support your child.

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Test Publishers

Please contact the individual publishers for information regarding the two most recently published tests as per OAR 581-021-0026. Test names and availability change frequently. Efforts are made to keep the list of tests current but in the case where changes are made by the test publisher in name or availability, please work with your local qualified tester and Education Service District Contact in the best interests of your child. Please refer to the list of approved tests with publisher information as available above.

  • Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills – CTBS Terra Nova (800) 538-9547
  • McGraw-Hill Tests Grade level 3-8 aligned with common core 3rd addition – 800.538.9547
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills: Riverside Publishing Co. Common Core Correlation K-12, 2008 Form C – (800) 323-9540Test of Achievement and Proficiency 800.323-9540
  • Stanford 9th Edition, Psychological Corp., P.O Box 708912, San Antonio, TX (888) 433-8435, Education Home School

Students with Disabilities

For all questions related to Students with Disabilities and Home Schooling please contact RaeAnn Ray, Dispute Resolution Specialist, with the Oregon Department of Education at (503) 947-5722 or email her at Raeann.ray@state.or.us.

Home School Testing Update as of 6/19/2020

1. The State Board of Education has approved the temporary rule change to extending the home school testing deadline to November 1, 2020
2. Some state approved testers are developing protocols to observe testing via video conferencing, which is allowed under Oregon statute and rule but it will be up to individuals to confirm that it is allowed with the publishers.
3. Families with students who participate in interscholastic activities and need to be tested annually to maintain eligibility may present alternative forms of evidence to demonstrate satisfactory progress (portfolio, collections of evidence). The August 15 deadline still applies to students establishing or maintaining eligibility.
4. The four tests currently approved for home schoolers by the State Board of Education are not all readily available, some publishers have gone so far as to restrict the use of their tests by home schooling families. Families should continue to follow the rule stating that the two most recent versions of these tests are approved for assessment.