Serving School Districts in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas Counties

South Coast Education Service District

Instructional Services


SCESD offers a pool of expertise by networking with school improvement specialists across the state in the Instructional Leadership Council and with specialists. SCESD also serves on Oregon Department of Education committees.


SCESD offers consortium districts as opportunity to work closely with the community college to provide smooth transitions and educational options for students’ diverse needs.


SCESD facilitates collaboration between the districts.


SCESD provides expertise and knowledge of educational requirements, curriculum, and instructional strategies.


SCESD has contacts at Oregon Department of Education which facilitates SCESD’s ability to answer consortium district questions in a timely manner.


SCESD provides information about professional development opportunities being offered by ODE and other agencies around the state.


SCESD acts as liaison between consortium districts and Oregon Department of Education to coordinate activities and information that Oregon Department of Education sees as a statewide priority.


SCESD provides coordination and materials for Knowledge Bowl regional tournaments and operates and coordinates school and county-level spelling contests.


SCESD is involved in the development of scoring tools to improve the process of Continuous Improvement Planning.


SCESD is a textbook adoption viewing site and a professional development library for contracted districts’ use.


SCESD supports media services via training on web streaming.


SCESD acts as a liaison and provides resources for the Title III consortium.



Service Description

This program coordinates and helps fund the development of curriculum and professional development services for all school districts participating in the Curriculum contract to improve learning for all students. This program serves districts by maximizing operational and fiscal efficiencies for school districts; preparing proposals for consortium grants; coordinating in-service training for teacher and paraprofessional staff development; coordination of programs supporting youth with disabilities transitioning from school environment to work environment; supporting curriculum alignment; and promoting career and technical education in schools; business/industry; and the community. The program supports school districts in meeting state and federal school improvement requirements focused on improving student learning and enhancing the quality of instruction provided to students. SCESD works with districts to set School Improvement priorities and goals for the year that will: enhance the quality of education.

Youth Transition Program


Unique vocational program offered by our local school districts in partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Service and the University of Oregon. The Youth Transition Program assists students with disabilities in addressing barriers and challenges to employment so they successfully transition from school to post high school opportunities.


Many young people successfully transition from adolescence to adulthood with the support of their families, friends, adults, communities and schools. However for some youth with disabilities, this time can be challenging and additional assistance can be helpful in finding the path to success. This is where the Youth Transition Program comes in.


Who is Eligible?

YTP serves youth with disabilities who need additional support, beyond the services typically offered though the general or special education program, to achieve their secondary and post secondary employment and continuing education goals. YTP youth are representative of all youth with disabilities nationally with respect to gender and primary disability categories; however, the majority of youth in the program experience a number of additional individual, family, or school system barriers such as poor academic skills, limited social and independent living skills, negative job experiences, and low levels of family involvement or support. Over 50% of youth currently served through the YTP live in low income families.


Benefits to Youth

The YTP provides services to youth during high school and continuing into their transition years. All students receive a comprehensive array of services to address a broad set of transition needs. Some include:


• Referral to Vocational Rehabilitation

• Learn work place skills

• Receive consistent individualized support including follow up after leaving the program

• Develop confidence and self esteem


Benefits to Employers

Employers can help positively connect students to the world of work by providing various kinds of work experiences. By working together, employers and educators can ensure that students develop the work skills, habits, attitudes and knowledge necessary for future success on the job. Some of the benefits include:

• Creates potential tax credits

• Creates better prepared workers

• Reduces training time and costs

• Creates a positive community image

• Reduces time-consuming and costly recruiting


Benefits to the Community

When students make a successful transition from school to work, it’s good for all of us – our community, our economy, our workplaces and, most of all, our students!

Benefits are numerous but some include:

  • Valuable School/Community Partnership
  • Participation in YTP Increases the probability that young people will become productive citizens.

We are in this together

Building Partnerships

Creating Opportunities

Investing Today for Skilled Workers Tomorrow

Program Sites



Gold Beach

Myrtle Point

North Bend


Gold Beach Panthers Youth Transition Program

29519 Ellensburg Ave.

Gold Beach Oregon, 97444



Provides support services and assists students with their transition needs into the adult world.

YTP Specialist

Teresa R. Gibbs

Gold Beach High School: 541-247-6647, Fax: 541-247-0484

Cell: 541-425-0043


School Based Businesses

• The Panther's Palace (Student Run Store)

• Making Fire Bricks


Pacific Pirates Youth Transition Program

45525 Highway 101 N.

Port Orford/Langlois, OR 97465



Provides support services and assists students with their transition needs into the adult world.


YTP Specialist

Teresa R. Gibbs

Pacific High School: 541-348-2293, Fax: 541-348-2389

Cell: 541-425-0043


School Based Business

• Fire Bricks

• Recycle - Shred - Make Bricks - Finished Product - Sell


Carl Perkins


Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins)

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins) provides federal support for the region’s Career and Technical Education Programs. South Coast Education Service District acts as the fiscal agent for the Perkins Local Basic and Reserve grants through the Oregon Department of Education. High school career and technical programs receive Perkins funds for equipment, professional development and other services.

High School Career and Technical Programs

Bandon – Manufacturing, STEM Computer


Brookings Harbor – Digital Media

IT Essentials, Computer Healthcare Occupations (Regional), Business and Management


Coquille – Manufacturing


Gold Beach - Manufacturing


Marshfield – Broadcasting, Computer Technology, Construction and Manufacturing


Myrtle Point – Agriculture and Manufacturing


North Bend – Business Management Marketing, Computer Technology, Culinary, Manufacturing


Pacific – Business Management Accounting, Computer Technology, Manufacturing


Reedsport – Business Information Systems, Manufacturing


Important Links & Information

CTE Licensure

Programs of Study

Career Areas & Skill Sets

  • Contacts

    Tracy Blue

    Perkins Regional Coordinator

    South Coast ESD

    Coos Bay Main Office

    Phone: 541-266-3909


School Improvement

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