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O.S.A.S. (Oregon School Accounting Software) an affordable, full spectrum accounting software package. OSAS offers an internet connection to this financial software via a host server at South Coast ESD in Coos Bay, Oregon. We currently support over 35 school districts and ESDs and concentrate exclusively on Oregon schools.


We Do This Every Day

Our programming and support staff provide a user-friendly accounting environment, continually upgraded to meet changing state and federal requirements. We understand the challenges of short schedules and tight budgets and we have tailored our software and training methods to meet these demands.


Data Access

We’ve made your data available for download quickly and easily to your spreadsheet. This way, you can analyze your data with tools that make sense to you! We also offer the ability to upload data from your PC spreadsheet to OSAS. For example, you may upload Journal Entries, Time cards, and cash receipts from your spreadsheet into the OSAS system, then print, edit and post the results. It is EASY!!!


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Customer Care/Support


We're Here To Help

When you contract with OSAS, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our support and programming staff, as well as the knowledge of the entire SCESD Fiscal Department. We provide a thorough training program via remote pc connection.


IBM Client Access is the PC Client to connect from your personal computer to our accounting software on the AS400. You may download it below.

Download the following zipped file directly to your computer, to a network drive, or a flash drive. The file will then need to be unzipped. Run CWBLAUNCH.EXE to install. The Docs folder contains additional instruction. As always, you may contact support. We will be happy to walk you through the process or assist with any problems you may have.

For Windows XP, Vista, 2007, 2008 and higher:


.zip V7SP53584

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is the segment of our software used for paying invoices to your suppliers, not related to payroll. The following documents show step-by-step instructions for the AP process on our software system.

This slide show discusses how to most efficiently enter A/P invoices, manage payment of open items, and how to handle special G/L situations in A/P, such as invoices that need to reduce revenue rather than increase expenditure.

A guide to the Prior Year Accounts Payable Menu which addresses these and other situations. How to pay bills that arrive in July, but need to be expensed in June without Journal Entries; How to void and reissue a check from the Prior Fiscal year; Manual Pre-Paid expenses; What happens to open purchase orders at the end of the current fiscal year?


Our software is responsible for the creation of over 5,200 payroll checks per month, by over 35 school districts throughout Oregon. Electronic filings are simple from our system.

Payroll Manual

A complete reference guide to payroll on OSAS.


Leave System

This slide show takes you through all phases of Leave Accounting on OSAS.


Direct Deposit Setup

Want to pay your employee's easily using ACH? This slide show can help you get started.


Override Pay Cycles

This slide show looks at a tool built for use with the dreaded "June Payroll".


Payroll Draws

OSAS offers three types of payroll draws to fit almost any situation.


PERS Refunds

A guide to refunding PERS and other pretax deductions.


Payroll Liabilities

This slide show covers all aspects of payroll liability management.


Insurance Pooling

A guide for setting up deductions to accommodate Insurance Pooling in OSAS


Reclassing Payroll Costs

A guide explaining how to reclass Payroll Costs from one budget line item to another.


Taxes (Oregon Dep. of Revenue website link)

Oregon Withholding Tables


ODE Staff Collections (ODE District website link)

ODE Data Collection Updates/Due Dates


File Downloads Available


Click here to see an example of our downloadable Deduction Detail Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains all the deductions and fringes by employee from your current payroll. This file is created automatically each time you extend the payroll. Call or email us for a customized download icon.


Click here to see an example of our downloadable Payroll Cost History Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains account distribution for any date range you request. This file is created automatically when you take option 9 - Employee Distribution History from Payroll Menu #3. Call or email us for a customized download icon.



Our budget module adheres to the regulations prescribed in Program Budgeting and Accounting Manual (PBAM). Our software is continually evolving to meet changing State and Federal requirements. Projected budgets are also easily calculated with our software.


The following documentation provides instruction on how to effectively use our system for your budgeting needs.


Budget Account Filters

This slide show will show you how to build and apply account filters to help you get the most out of budget reports using these powerful tools.


Projected Budget/Projected Payroll

A document covering the budget projection process step by step in OSAS.


Prorating Fringes in Salary Projections

A slide show that covers available methods for prorating fringe benefits for qualifying employees who work less than full time.


Mass Detail Changes

Need to project an increase your 340 (Travel) objects due to rising fuel costs? This is a brief overview of how to make such a mass change to a detail files in the Projected Budget system.

File Downloads Available


Both the Budget Master file, and the Revenue and expense transaction files are available for instant download to Excel for current and prior years. For those who prefer to work on Projected Budget in Excel (or similar application), you have the ability to download the entire projected budget file into a worksheet. Call us and we'll send you the customized download icon. When you've completed the budget process, we can take the resulting spreadsheet and upload it to the AS400 for you. This Excel worksheet can also be used to produce attractive budget documents using Microsoft graphics, etc.


Click here to see a example of a proposed budget document prepared in Excel.


A Projected Payroll Cost Distribution Spreadsheet is generated each time the Distribution by Fund/Function/Object Alpha report is selected in Option #19 of the Projected Budget Menu. This Cost Distribution spreadsheet will contain the data from the most recent payroll file set run through option #19 and may then be sorted to your liking. To download this file, call or email us for the customized download icon.


Want to enter your Budget Journal Entries in Excel and upload them to the AS400 to post? It's EASY!!


Right click on this ---------->Data File Definition and select "Save Target As" C:\osas\programs. Next, save this Excel template to C:\osas\programs and use it to make your entries.


Click here for detailed instructions.


Cash Receipts

The cash receipts element of our software records receipts of revenue, and also tracks fees, like bank service charges and interest. Cash receipt entries may be entered into your spreadsheet for upload to our system. See below for more detailed instructions.

Cash Receipts

This slide show takes you through the various types of cash receipts entries.

Additional Downloads

Both the current year cash receipts file and the prior year cash receipts file are readily available for download to Excel.

Upload Easily From Excel!


Want to make your Cash Receipts entries in Excel and upload them to the AS400? It's EASY!


Right click on this link ------>File Definition File and ask to 'Save Target As' C:\OSAS\Programs. Download this Excel template (It gets saved to the same folder)and use it when making your entries.


Click here for detailed instructions on how to upload your file from Excel.


General Ledger

Our General Ledger system is a complete double-entry system, recording debits and credits for to the various accounts, including assets, liabilities, revenue, expenditures, and fund balance. Each entry can be tracked back to its source, creating an audit trail.


Below you will find information on how to best use the general ledger system.


General Ledger Training

This slide show discusses basic general ledger accounting and how it functions in OSAS. Examples of Journal Entries are given, as well as tips to help you keep your General Ledger in Balance.


General Ledger Manual

Manual covers every menu option on the OSAS General Ledger menu.


Making Budget Journal Entries

You will learn to make different types of Journal Entries, depending upon your needs. This document demonstrates how to make audit proof entries to effect the Budget, the G/L and the Adopted Budget Figures.

Downloads Available

The general ledger master file and general ledger transaction files are available for download to Excel for both current and prior years.

Upload Easily From Excel!


Want to enter your Journal Entries in Excel and upload them to the AS400 to post? It's EASY!!


Right click on this ------->Data File Definition and select "Save Target As" C:\osas\programs. Next, save this template to C:\osas\programs and use it to make your entries.


Click here for detailed instructions on how to upload your file from Excel.

Bank Reconciliation

The bank Reconciliation process is important for ensuring that your general ledger cash balance (less outstanding checks) is in agreement with your bank statement. All checks written from the various components of our system, as well as cash receipts entries, send an outstanding entry to the file for reconciliation.

Bank Reconciliation

This slideshow covers the reconciliation process on OSAS. It also covers the generation of Positive Pay files.


Downloads Available


Both the Bank Reconciliation file and the Cross Application Check Register are readily available for download to Excel. This can be especially useful at audit time...... For a customized download icon, call us

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