South Coast ESD Regional Programs

Dear Parents, Families, and Community Stakeholders,

I am happy to be in the role as the program administrator of the South Coast ESD’s Regional Program. Our highly specialized staff are committed every day to serving students, families, district educators, and our community. Our regional program staff serve students in special education with deaf and hard of hearing, vision, orthopedic services, autism and traumatic brain injury needs. Together, our staff work to support the growth and success of student’s birth to 21 in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas Counties.

Our collaborative work with districts, families and our communities is vital in our service to students. Our specialists evaluate students, provide direct or consultative services, train staff, and support parent groups. It is the regional teams focus to ensure specialists have a connection with families and students from the beginning of the school experience until exiting from regional services or graduation from the special education program.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with your student, serve your family and be involved in supporting your student’s education. Our team is passionate about serving your student and partnering with you and your school’s teams. If you have any questions about our program or services, please contact our office.


Cynthia Barthuly

Jason Moore

The SCESD Regional Program is part of a statewide network of “regional programs for students with low-incidence disabilities” providing equal access to services regardless of the child’s location. The program serves Coos, Curry and Western Douglas School Districts.

Special Education Forms are accessible here:

The SCESD Regional Program assists local school and early intervention, early childhood special education providers in serving children eligible in the following areas:

SCESD Regional Program Overview:

The SCESD Regional Program licensed staff provide evaluation, direct and/or consultative services for students who are eligible for series as determined by parent/adult student (students age 18-21) and the special education team.

The program supports adaptive, assistive and/or specialized materials and equipment.
In-service trainings and resources to local education staff and parents to assist teams with teaching strategies, interventions and methods, access to educational instruction, use of adaptive materials and equipment, and transition to adulthood.

Braille, orientation and mobility, sign language, interpreter, use of vision aides and supports, positioning equipment are offered, also.

A resource, material lending library is available and include teaching materials, books, tapes and parent information. A liaison support for Traumatic Brain Injury assists districts with the identification and support of students with TBI.

Additional SCESD Regional Program Information can be accessed at the regional forms and lending library or calling the regional secretary at 541-266-4025

Statewide Regional Program Information includes:

The Technology Access Program

Oregon School for the Deaf (OSSD)

The Center for Brain and Injury Research & Training (CBIRT)

Regional and Statewide Services for students with Orthopedic Impairments (RSOI) 

Oregon Deafblind Project

To Our Families, Students, Districts and Communities,

As we continue our work together on Distance Learning for All, our regional team created a list of learning opportunities, resources, information and supports. We are hopeful as you click on the links below you will find up-to-date, relevant learning to support our students in the regional program during Distance Learning for All (April – June 2020). If you are not finding what you need please check back. We are committed to updating the information each Thursday. If you have questions or would like to share information, please contact our regional program office at:

Jason Moore, Program Secretary or
Cynthia Barthuly, Program Administrator

Stay well and please know our regional program is here to support you, Your SCESD Regional Team

Please click the link below: