Special Education Related Services

Special Education Related Services support local school districts with School Psychologists, Autism Evaluations, Occupational and Physical Therapists and Nursing.

Dear Parents, Families, and Community Stakeholders,

I am happy to be in the role as the program administrator of the South Coast ESD’s Special Education Related Service Program. Our highly specialized staff are committed every day to serving students, families, district educators, and our community. Our program staff serve students in various programs to include evaluations by school psychologists or autism specialists, counseling in our schools, orthopedic and physical therapy, and nursing. Together, our staff work to support the needs of students, families, district educators and our communities in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas Counties.

Our collaborative work with districts, families and our communities is vital in our service to students. On any given day our specialists evaluate students, support students and families with crisis situations, provide direct or consultative services, train staff, and support student groups. It is the specialists focus to ensure they have a connection with students and families and are there to answer questions that your student or you may have. In some instances, our specialists have the chance to support your student from the beginning of the school experience until exiting from services or graduation from the special education program.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with your student, serve your family and be involved in supporting the success of your student’s education. Our team is passionate about serving your student and partnering with you and your school’s teams. If you have any questions about our program or services, please contact our office.


School Psychologist

Psychology provides a broad scope of consultative services to districts, staff, parents and community members as well as direct evaluations, prevention, and intervention services for students.

The psychology program supports districts with services in assessment, psychological evaluations, and confidential psychological reports for determining qualifications of specific disability categories. The psychologists team with parents and district staff at the eligibility determination and as per invitation to IFSP and IEP and Behavior Support Plan meetings.

District priorities determine the services provided by the psychologists and may also include case coordination, behavior and/or social skills consultation, student service team collaboration, and other related needs.

SCESD in conjunction with SCESD administration support school-districts with Level 1 and/or Level 2 District led Threat Assessments.


The Counseling Program helps to support districts in developing successful experiences for students in the school setting. The program consists of a licensed counselor who works with three districts to help kids develop appropriate social skills, self-regulation skills, and tools to help them be successful.

OT, PT Services

SCESD is staffed by licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists along with a certified LPTA. Services are provided for students in collaboration with Coos, Curry and Western Douglas County School Districts to include Evaluations, direct and/or consultative services.

The SCESD houses equipment, resources and materials to support students in access to education the district schools.

The OT, PT team provides training to district teams and parents on strategies, interventions relating to sensory needs and fine and gross motor.

Autism Evaluation

Autism evaluation services support districts with assessments, confidential autism reports for determining qualification for autism eligibility and teaming with parents and districts at the eligibility meeting as per invitation.


The SCESD Nursing Program in collaboration with districts in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas County support students and schools with health needs.

School nurses are registered nurses (RN) and work under the requirements of both the Oregon School Board of Education and the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

The SCESD nurses work with families, school staff, doctors, and community health care providers to develop health management plans (HMP) for student with complex health needs some of which include, seizures, asthma, diabetes, severed allergies, gastric tube feeding, oxygen administration, suctioning or nebulizer treatments.

The SCESD nurse attend IFSP, IEP, and 504 meetings to review health concerns, train school staff on medical treatment and care and support schools with school-based nursing policy and procedures (i.e. immunizations).

Cynthia Barthuly

Jason Moore

Special Education Forms are accessible here:

To Our Families, Students, Districts and Communities,

In an effort to try and support the heart of Distance Learning for All, which is care and connection for our families, students, districts and communities, our SCESD related service teams put together the information below. It is our hope that this information is supportive to you during this time. Our team is committed to reviewing and updating the information each Thursday from April until June 2020. If you have further questions, please reach out to our related service program office at:

Jason Moore, Program Secretary or
Cynthia Barthuly, Program Administrator

Stay Well and Take Care, SCESD Related Service Team

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