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Public Complaints
Members of the public, parents, staff and students are encouraged to make their concerns know to the ESD and to give the ESD an opportunity to review those concerns and respond to them (Board Policy KL).

The complainant must follow the complaint procedure as outlined in administrative regulation Public Complaint Procedure KL-AR.

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Barb Buckley
Administrative Assistant


The following symbol is used on some policies:

** As used in this policy, the term parent includes legal guardian or person in a parental relationship The status and duties of a legal guardian are defined in ORS 125 005 (4) and 125 300 – 125 325 The determination of whether an individual is acting in a parental relationship, for purposes of determining residency, depends on the evaluation of the factors listed in ORS 419B 373 The determination for other purposes depends on evaluation of those factors and a power of attorney executed pursuant to ORS 109 056 For special education students, parent also includes a surrogate parent, an adult student to whom rights have transferred and foster parent as defined in OAR 581-015-0005 (18)

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