Classified Substitutes

Welcome to the Classified Substitute page!

South Coast ESD wanted to update licensed and classified substitutes that due to continued COVID 19 restrictions, the SCESD building will be closed to the general public, including substitutes.

Substitutes for the Early Childhood Center (ECC) located in the lower level of SCESD will work with the EI/ECSE program directly for entrance, cleaning and classroom protocols.

We are still waiting for the districts to complete their blueprints to know if they will reopen completely in person, hybrid (part-time in person/part-time online) or all distance learning.

You will need to follow all protocols from the districts in which you will be subbing. Each district may be completely different. We will attempt to provide information on the SCESD substitute page but would urge you to check the district website(s) or contact them directly towards the middle/end of August when they should have information to share.

On another note, we have made all forms fillable and hope this will make completing the substitute registration easier.

Please save the form to your desktop, fill it out and then you are welcome to email, fax or print and mail to: South Coast ESD
1350 Teakwood Ave Coos Bay, OR 97420

Don’t forget to complete the annual safe schools trainings with the link found on the substitute web page. Please let me know if you need assistance with your user name or password.

You may want to check your license and verify it is current and active. Let me know if you need assistance with the renewal process.

I am available for questions at 541-266-3951 or Enjoy the rest of your summer, have a great school year and be safe!

Kathy Metzger
Substitute coordinator South Coast ESD


South Coast ESD provides Substitute Instructional Assistants, Educational Assistants, Food Servers and Custodians to the North Bend school district and SCESD classrooms.

Please consider joining our Substitute team!!

You can find the application at
Annually Substitutes are required to fill out the following forms and complete Safe Schools trainings.

Please complete and return the forms and trainings.

You may either email to , fax them to
541-266-4040, mail them to the ESD Main office ATTN: SUB at 1350 Teakwood Ave in Coos Bay, OR 97420 or return them in person.

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