SCESD Organizational Committees

The organization has three primary committees that are aligned with the governing design model of the ESD that include Governance, Sustainability and Communications committees. The work on these committees correlates with the long range plan and organizational metrics. Three additional committees including Policy, Technology sub committee and Maintenance sub committee have also been created to address the organization’s needs. The Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) then guides the yearly outcomes activities of each committees. Using a collaborative team process, the committee team members work together to design and provide input to implementation plans.

Committee Logistics

  • Three Times a Year
  • After school hours to encourage staff participation
  • No rescheduling if members cannot attend
  • Zoom meetings to encourage participation
  • Meetings approximately 2 hours


  • 2 Board Members
  • Superintendent and ESD Administrator
  • Executive Assistant as needed
  • Staff Members
  • Each bargaining unit (FT Classified, PT Classified & Licensed)
  • Other interested staff members

Reporting Structure

  • Board Members will report information and progress to full board
  • Committee web page
  • Agenda and Notes on web page

Charis McGaughy

Office of the Superintendent

SCESD Organizational Committees
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This committee focuses on the local service plan, internal systems and procedures and accountability management systems like the Frontline evaluation and absence management system and the Visions employee portal. The hire to retire program is also embedded in this committee.


This committee focuses on all levels of communication (internal, external district and stakeholder), communication programs (website, bulletin/newsletter) etc. It is also responsible for the community outreach program, customer assistance and the development/monitoring of the communication plan.


This committee focuses on the financial aspects of the organization including audit, budget, new programs and monitoring the impacts of the program orders. The long range and equity plans and the Maintenance and Technology subcommittees are also main components in this committee.


Using the SCESD policy process this committee takes the lead on maintaining up to date policies that meet the organization’s needs.


This committee provides a forum to address and discuss health and safety issues, a channel through which improvements can be recommended for adoption by the organization, generates ideas for improving health and safety, stimulates the interest of employees and reviews and makes recommendations for safety training and emergency plans.