Welcome to the Communication team at South Coast ESD! Strategic communication is a key function for successful outcomes in any organization and provides a framework for collaboration to build relationships with stakeholders through honesty, transparency and trust. Here at South Coast ESD we believe in having robust and equitable communication practices to meet the needs of all audiences. Through our Mission and Guiding Principles, communication goals at South Coast ESD are clearly established to support the continuous improvement of organizational priorities and to meet the needs of stakeholders.

These goals provide us the direction we use to establish clear objectives for actionable outcomes through:

  • Communication that supports timely, relevant information.
  • Communication that supports engaging stakeholders with organizational information and activities.
  • Communication that supports multiple methods of communication that is responsive to stakeholder needs.
  • Communication that supports the continuous improvement of processes to increase access and opportunities to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

In Collaboration with all of our partners we will ensure students maximize their potential through:

Our Guiding Principles

  • Quality Service
  • Professionalism
  • Growth
  • Sustainability

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