Early Intervention

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Early Intervention (EI) services are available for children from birth to three years who have developmental delays in one or more of the following areas: cognitive, physical, communication, self-help, and/or social skills. EI services are also provided to children who have medically diagnosed conditions that are likely to result in a developmental delay later in the child’s development.

The focus of Oregon’s Early Intervention program is to build the family’s capacity to meet the special needs of the child with a disability. Most interventions are provided to the children within everyday routines, activities, and places within their natural environments (home). Family members or caregivers are shown strategies for teacher the child in situations where and when a skill is used.

Our SCESD EI specialists who “home visit” to provide these EI services include EI Interventionists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other specialists based upon the student’s eligibility and needs as determined by the IFSP team.

SCESD also offers parent consultation via a “toddler group” service model. Several times per year, a toddler group is offered to parents and toddlers (typically 18 mos to age 3) at our Early Childhood Center at SCESD. The intent is for parents to learn how to best interact with their child, elicit developmentally appropriate communication skills, and to work towards making progress on the child’s IFSP goals.


Allyson McNeill
Program Administrator
Fax: 541-269-4548

Tara Dane
Program Secretary/Referrals
Fax: 541-269-4548

Ruth Jones
Speech Language Pathologist
Office: 541-266-3921

Shelby Parks
Early Interventionist Specialist
Office: 541-266-3920

Emily Sherwood
Speech Language Pathologist
Office: 541-269-1611 ext. 2804

Sheree Tatum
EI/ECSE Teacher, Curry County
Call or text: 503-936-4676




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