Forms: Board Policy

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AC-AR-FORM Discrimination Complaint Form

GBM-AR-FORM Complaint Form

GBN-JBA-AR-FORM Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

KL-AR FORM Public Complaint Procedure and Form

GBEA-AR Workplace Harassment Reporting or Complaint form

JHFF/GNAA-AR Suspected Sexual Conduct Reporting form

GBEA-AR Witness Disclosure form

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If you or a loved one needs help, please reach out.

24/7 Lifeline: 988
Coos Health & Wellness: 541-266-6700; Mobile Response & 24hr Crisis Line: 541-266-6800
Waterfall Community Health: 541-756-6232
Youth ERA/Coos Drop: 541-556-9039,;
Virtual Peer Support: Twitch.TV/YouthEra;
Virtual Drop on Discord:
Crisis Teen Line: Text HOME to 741741