Parent Communication – EI/ECSE

Tips and Tricks for Parents: Supporting Your Child during Distance Learning

First, suggestions for accessing your Zoom link to your child’s class session:

  • Your child’s teacher will send you a Zoom link. This Zoom link will be used for every session, this way you only have to keep track and use one link. The following are suggested options for you to find/keep your Zoom class session link handy:
    • Search your teacher’s name in your email to find the email and access the link.
    • Create a separate folder in your email and save the email with the Zoom link in that folder.
    • Pin the meeting link to your task bar. To do this click on your Zoom link as if you are going to join the session. This puts the link/internet location in your web browser search box. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the web browser search box, then select “Pin this page to the task bar”. This will place an icon on your taskbar (at the bottom of the computer screen) where you can then just click the icon to join.
    • Copy and paste the Zoom link onto a Word document, Google doc, etc. and save the document. To retrieve the link, just open the document and click on the link.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Online Learning:

  • Long before your child’s class session, be sure that you are technology ready:
    • You have your device ready (computer, Chromebook, iPad, cell phone, etc.)
    • Your device has speakers and a microphone
    • You have tried your Zoom link and don’t have any barriers to accessing Zoom, and are ready in case your device prompts you to download Zoom
    • If it will help, schedule a time in advance with your child’s teacher to do a practice run
  • Keep all supplies and materials stored in the provided bin until time for use
  • Don’t open packets or get materials out until class time. Let it be a surprise and it will make it more exciting and therefore engaging to your child during class.
  • Have all materials and supplies ready to go before class begins
  • Make sure your child has sufficient lighting in a quiet, distraction-free room
  • Be sure that the learning area has space for materials and for completing activities
  • Take a bathroom break prior to class
  • Let your child sit where they prefer…..a chair, the floor…..or let them stand if they prefer
  • Have your child positioned as near the microphone, camera, and speakers as possible
  • Provide your child with an object to hold or a fidget for focusing
  • Movement breaks are encouraged anytime your child needs one

And finally, please join Stacy Mathews, EI/ECSE Teacher on Special Assignment, for a training just for you for further information on what to expect during distance learning, and a beginning Zoom training. There are two opportunities to attend this training:
Thursday, September 17th at 5:30pm and Friday, September 18th at 10:00 am
Use this Zoom link to join at either time: