Policy Committee

District-Wide Committees:
The organization has three primary committees that are aligned with the governing design model of the ESD that include Governance, Sustainability and Communications committees. The work on these committees correlates with the long range plan and organizational metrics. Three additional committees including Policy, Technology and Maintenance have also been created to address the organization’s needs. The Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) then guides the yearly outcomes activities of the each committees. Using a collaborative team process, the committee team members work together to design and provide input to implementation plans.

Policy Committee
Using the SCESD policy process this committee takes the lead on maintaining up to date policies that meet the organization’s needs.

2020-2021 Policy Committee Information

Committee Information

Meetings scheduled as needed.

Committee Members

Board: Jackie Crook, Corinne Potts, Billie Reeves
Administrators: Brandie Monroe, Cynthia Barthuly, Allyson McNeill, Kathy Metzger
Licensed staff: Jessica Doze
Full-time staff: Open
Part-time staff: Open

Policy Committee Agenda & Minutes