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Dear Parents, Families, and Community Stakeholders,

I am happy to be in the role as the program administrator of the South Coast ESD’s Special Education Related Service Program. Our highly specialized staff are committed every day to serving students, families, district educators, and our community. Our program staff serve students in various programs to include evaluations by school psychologists or autism specialists, counseling in our schools, orthopedic and physical therapy, and nursing. Together, our staff work to support the needs of students, families, district educators and our communities in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas Counties.

Our collaborative work with districts, families and our communities is vital in our service to students. On any given day our specialists evaluate students, support students and families with crisis situations, provide direct or consultative services, train staff, and support student groups. It is the specialists focus to ensure they have a connection with students and families and are there to answer questions that your student or you may have. In some instances, our specialists have the chance to support your student from the beginning of the school experience until exiting from services or graduation from the special education program.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with your student, serve your family and be involved in supporting the success of your student’s education. Our team is passionate about serving your student and partnering with you and your school’s teams. If you have any questions about our program or services, please contact our office.


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Cynthia Barthuly

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