School Improvement Services

Dawn Granger
Curriculum Program Director

As a regional education agency, we provide high quality services to the 10 local school districts and their communities. Our professional learning opportunities includes classes and seminars for educators, administrators and community agencies where they can learn, collaborate, share resources, and develop innovative school and community programming.

The South Coast ESD School Improvement Services Department provides a variety of services that focus on improving teaching and learning in our region. Our services touch on all aspects of school improvement including: home school registry, threat assessment, curriculum development, migrant education, youth transition program, essential skills assessment, paraprofessional assessment, career technical education and much more. We also provide high quality, individualized supports and improvement planning for schools and districts based on their individual requests and needs.

Our programs include:

Our support services include:

Spelling Contest
Knowledge Bowl
Textbook Adoption
STEM Material Check Out
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