Welcome to South Coast Together!

Here you will find helpful information about the work that we do! We are passionate about reducing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and work toward improving community resilience. If you are passionate at helping reduce adversity in children feel free to reach out, we’d love to meet you!

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This guide is a tool for parents and caregivers to learn a little about the developing brain. It offers tips and practical approaches to all families to be successful.


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Help that Helps: Tips for parenting adults to learn about brain science and how it can help families thrive

We offer free trainings to the community. There may be nominal charges for mileage or copies depending upon the needs of your group. Trainings can be customized to meet your needs and time allocation – from a short overview of 30-45 minutes to longer presentations and workshops.

Renee Menkens, Community
Mellissah Hendrickson, Advanced Health
Britany Sadler, SCESD
Ashley McGehee, SCESD
Sam Baugh, Advanced Health
Dale Hodges, Community Partner
Starla Paris, ODHS
Pamela Huntley, Advanced Health
Max Murphy, Youth Era
Bonnie Ell, ODHS
Gordon Clay, RUOK
Lisa De Salvio, CBSD
Kerri Fox, ODHS

Help that Helps Curriculum Annual License Agency/Organization Access

You may purchase an annual license to use the Help that Helps powerpoint and speaking notes and have access to the Help that Help guidebook for your agency or organization use. Access rights cost $1200 annually. Please see the Help That Helps curriculum license agreement for more details.


    What is south coast together?

    A community collaborative focused on fostering resilience in Coos and Curry counties. Its goals are to engage community members as agents of change in preventing the accumulation of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and to build resilience in children, adolescents, and families.

    how did WE begin

    This effort came from the desire to get to the root cause of poor population health outcomes in our community. Trainings about the ACEs Study & Trauma-informed care in the Rogue Valley & Curry County spurred requests from Advanced Health members, providers, local clinics, early learning partners, and schools.

    what does sct do?

    SCT provides no-cost trainings and workshops to citizens and professionals regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the impact of adversity across the lifespan, self-regulation and resilience. It facilitates activities to engage members of the community in working together to address community challenges, including Family Cafes, film showings, and community conversations.

    History of sct: Timeline (Impacts & Outcomes)

    Year 1 (2017):

    • Community Interest & Readiness
    • Cross sector partnership established with Advanced Health as fiscal agent
    • First cohort through the ACE Interface Master Training Program
    • Steering Committee seated

    Year 2 (2018):

    • Metrics and Communications Committees established
    • Trainings provided to interested groups, approximately 1,000 people trained in Coos & Curry Counties
    • Regular support and guidance from ACE Interface
    • Regular monthly Steering, Metrics, and Trainers’ Meetings
    • 1st public showing of the film, Resilience
    • Key Informant Interviews Report & Metrics Report
    • Named group collaborative, South Coast Together

    Year 3 (2019):

    • Expanded training options to include tailored workshops
    • Trained Presenters
    • Opportunity to add to Master Trainer cohort
    • Family Café Training
    • Regular showing of films, Resilience & Paper Tigers
    • Launched website
    • Developed Core Team for strategic planning
    • Planning for 1st Community Summit

    Year 4 (2020):

    • South Coast ESD became backbone agency supporting SCT
    • Facilitated three community zoom session on impact of pandemic on Coos and Curry County
    • Steering committee monthly meetings
    • Added new members to the Steering Committee
    • Liaison with Grow Your Own teaching education program
    • Development work on Help that Helps Guidebook 

    Year (2021):

    • Finalized Help that Helps guidebook for community
    • Received grant from United Way to support printing of guidebook
    • Conducted Presenter Training for Coos, Curry, Jackson and Douglas County
    • Began collaboration across South Coast with Creating Community Resilience and Southern Oregon Success
    • Developed Strategic Plan with goals for next two years; Steering Committee monthly meetings; Revised website at SCESD

    Future Goals:

    • Continue to engage and train diverse community members and groups
    • Host additional or regularly scheduled events including Zoom Summits, Family Cafes and film nights when allowed by health regulations.
    • Expand the South Coast Together Steering Committee
    • Train more ACE Presenters and Master Trainers
    • Continue to help foster greater understanding of and compassion for others