Winter Lakes School


From Principal Tony Jones:


180 N. Baxter, Coquille, OR 97423

Welcome to Winter Lakes!

The configuration of Winter Lakes is a “virtual school” that offers a blended learning environment to students in grades 3-12.  The school is open to students on a four-day school week, Mondays – Thursdays from 7:15am – 4:15pm.  During the school sessions, certified teachers and educational assistants work with students to assist them with their classes.  The staff and students of Winter Lakes appreciate the time you are taking to learn about our school.

Winter Lakes High School’s mission is to meet students where they are and take them beyond. As students at Winter Lakes Schools prepare for College, Career and Citizenship we provide a setting that enables every student to:

Learn – by taking classes in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Health and Physical Education that are taught by highly qualified teachers and staff.

Personalize – their education through study in On-Line classes, Standards based assignments, Project-Based Learning, Internships with local businesses, and flexible schedules.

Engage – by practicing self-advocacy, exercising personal responsibility, and learning 21st Century skills and content designed to prepare graduates for life after high school in post-secondary education or a career.

We are very fortunate to have some wonderful community partners throughout the Coquille Valley that allow our students the opportunity to intern at various businesses and organizations. We are proud of our campus, our students, our academic program and being a school that develops and encourages creativity and student voice.

Winter Lakes Schools offers something for all types of learners. Some learners that do not choose a bigger, comprehensive high school, but one where they are known and supported by all staff in a smaller setting. If you attend or visit Winter Lakes High School, you will see that learning is a choice and that we expect students and staff to choose to learn every day. Being committed to our school is necessary, compliance is not enough. In today’s global economy there are many skills that must be learned. More than a high school diploma is necessary for a full life of opportunity.

Welcome to our community of learners! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please contact us at 541-824-0115.

Winter Lakes High School’s mission is to meet students where they are and take them beyond. – Tony Jones

About Our School

Students request to attend and are selected for admission to Winter Lakes Schools. Students in the Bandon, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Port Orford-Langlois and Powers School Districts begin the process by contacting the administration at their resident school. After obtaining permission to attend, students contact Winter Lakes School for an intake interview. Students in other districts must obtain a waiver of attendance form to be signed by the student’s home district. Exceptions may be discussed with Principal Jones.

Students who are coming from another virtual school or from home schooling may contact Winter Lakes directly to set an intake interview.

All students entering Winter Lakes Schools receive an individual orientation. It is also required that a parent or guardian participate in the informational session. Orientation will help the student and his/her family to understand Winter Lakes School’s programs and community. Students are expected to be responsible for their learning and achievement in order to continue enrollment at the school. Making timely progress towards their goals is one way students demonstrate that they are a good fit for Winter Lakes. Students will also be asked to appoint a Learning Coach for themselves. The role of a Learning Coach is to encourage the student to achieve their academics goals and to act as an intermediary between the student and the student’s Learning Manager at Winter Lakes.

Standard Diploma Credit Requirements:

Trimester (Full Year)

English…………………….12 (4)
Mathematics………………9 (3)
Science……………………..9 (3)
Social Studies……………..9 (3)
Health………………………..3 (1)
Physical Education……….3 (1)
CTE, Arts or
Second Language………. 9 (3)
Electives……………………18 (6)

Students must also show proficiency in the Essential Skills of Reading, Writing and applying Mathematics, as outlined by the Oregon Department of Education.

Grades are issued as soon as a student completes enough work to earn a trimester credit (50 quarks) in a particular subject. All student work is evaluated in both quality and quantity. A point system (called quarks) is attached to all student work. Completed Odysseyware units are valued at 15 quarks. Other school work will have a quark value placed by the Learning Specialist (Teacher).

The standard grading scale (below) is used to evaluate the quality of student work.

A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%

Students may also opt to receive a grade of “P”, which represents passing the course with a proficiency score of 70% or greater if they so choose (with parent permission). Additionally some Elective and Internship credits will only receive a letter grade of “P”.

Winter Lakes students are required to contact a school representative on a daily basis. Students may message or call any of the teachers or other school personnel, but this student-initiated contact must occur on all school days.

Winter Lakes School staff may initiate interventions at any time a negative attendance pattern is observed. Good attendance is valued. In the “real world” you don’t get paid if you don’t show up!

Students at Winter lakes School are provided with constant opportunities to set goals, self-assess, adjust priorities, and develop their strengths. Students attain real life skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. There is an intentional focus on job readiness and career exploration. Every student participates in an internship, in an area of interest by the end of their high school career. Students gain knowledge and skills as they organize, manage their time, set goals and learn self advocacy.

Students receive weekly progress reports that track the volume of work completed for the week as well as throughout the school year. Students and parents see exactly where they are in the pursuit of high school or grade level completion on a weekly basis. They get teacher support as they complete coursework and prep for essential skill assessments.

Winter Lakes School cultivates partnerships with many community members and organizations. Students participate in a variety of activities designed to give back to the community. Conferences may occur at any time. Parents or guardians are always welcome to take the opportunity to learn more about their student’s current and future goals and accomplishments.

Winter Lakes School is a closed campus during the school day, however we welcome visitation by families. Parents can contact the teacher or principal to arrange appointments for visits or just drop in. All parents, visitors, or guests are required to check-in at the office when arriving on campus.

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to make arrangements to visit the school and should contact the principal or secretary prior to a visit.

Contact List

Brenda Goble, Secretary
Amy Flora, Vice Principal
Nancy Atkins, Instructional Assistant
Tony Jones, Principal
Chris Brown, Teacher – Music
Don Swenson, Adjunct Teacher – STEM
Greg Cotrell, Instructional Assistant
Laura Eschler, Teacher – English
Dan Hampton, Adjunct Teacher – Social Studies
Michael Warncke, Adjunct Teacher – Art
Jennifer Crim, Teacher – English
Amy Holbrook, Teacher – Math/Science
Rachel Price, Transition Specialist
Michael Bradbury, Adjunct Teacher – French
Julie Harris, Adjunct Teacher – Agriculture
Tony Donoto, Adjunct Teacher – Spanish
Michelle Trowbridge, Resource Teacher

Daily Class Schedule

7:15 AM – 4:15 PM

Lunch: 11:30 – 12:00

Individual students and parents set their schedule within the 7:15-4:15 time-frame. Families may choose to set regular days and times for students to attend, work totally from home or function on a drop-in basis. Whatever the students schedule is, the staff at Winter Lakes School is always eager to assist students in person, on-line or via telephone or messaging.

Why No School on Fridays? The school staff pursues professional development each and every Friday. Students are not the only learners at Winter Lakes – the staff is always working to improve and update their knowledge and effectiveness!

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights

Students have the right to an appropriate education that prepares them for college, their career and their role as a citizen.
Students have the right to be safe while they learn.
Students have the right to learn, free of harassment, bullying, teasing or other forms of discrimination.
Students have the right to be treated respectfully.
Students have the right to be informed of their academic progress in school. Individual conferences with teachers regarding your academic progress are strongly encouraged.

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Class disruptions
No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety or well-being of anyone else in the school. Winter Lakes High School has a very casual atmosphere where student cooperation is a paramount key to success.

Being Prepared for Class
Students are expected to have a positive attitude about learning.

Winter Lakes School is a closed campus. Passes are required if you are off campus during your class time. Students who attain their weekly academic goals are awarded an off campus pass for lunch which also extends the lunch time by 15 minutes.

Food and Drink
Food and drink in class is at the discretion of the teacher. It is a privilege, not a right.

Dress Code
Attire should not be a distraction to learning. Please be respectful of our learning environment. Students will be asked to turn shirts inside out or to change clothing if it is inappropriate. If anyone is offended by a student’s attire, it is deemed as not appropriate.

Please park your skateboards in the office for safekeeping. Do not ride your skateboard anywhere on the school campus.

Daily attendance is an essential building block for success in school and in the work force, even in a virtual school setting. Students need to check in with their Learning Specialist by their designated arrival time or by the end of the school day if they are working from home. If a student is going to be late or absent, it is their responsibility to call or message the school office. Parents are expected to prearrange or excuse all absences that may occur. Students and families share the responsibility for attendance and punctuality.

Cell Phones
Cell Phones are allowed during class time at Winter Lakes School. Responsible use of a cell phone is a 21st Century skill. Appropriate use includes: Silenced ring tone, no excessive use, having conversations in a hallway or obtaining a pass from a learning specialist to go outside to have a conversation.

Winter Lakes’ students remain a student in their school district of residence, unless an inter-district transfer has occurred. Students may join the athletic teams and participate in the activities of their resident high school or middle school.

Advanced Diploma
This is an optional program available to high school seniors at Winter Lakes School. In this cooperative arrangement, students take between 9-12 quarter hours of class at Southwestern Oregon CC. Tuition and tuition fees for the courses is paid by the school district. Students and their families are financially responsible for transportation, books and any special equipment that may be necessary for college classes. Students receive dual credit at SWOCC and Winter Lakes. Students may stay in the program up to one year after their cohort graduation year.

Winter Lakes’ students receive a standard diploma as long as the student has met the standard graduation requirements. Students may also pursue a planned course of study to attain their GED.

The high school curriculum at Winter Lakes School includes a vast array of elective and high interest courses. These classes include Advanced Placement, Art, Second Language, and Career and Technical Education in the areas of Agriculture, Business, Criminal Justice, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Media, STEM and Technology. Additional elective courses are added annually. Approximately 75 elective courses are currently available with others constantly being developed.

This is the on-line curriculum that is incorporated into the overall Winter Lakes curriculum. Courses are available for grades 3-12. Winter Lakes’ students rarely, if ever carry a textbook. Odysseyware allows for students to access their classes via the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere that there is an internet connection. Aside from the convenience of on-line learning, courses and curriculum are updated annually. Learning tools, such as Writer are also a benefit to students. Writer is a powerful tool to improve student writing by offering targeted feedback at key factors in the writing process. This feedback encourages student practice and revision to achieve writing success. The data provided by Writer also gives teachers better insight into students’ strengths, as well as areas for improvement. Writer is a writing process tool designed as an instructional aid for teachers and students to create focused, differentiated instruction.

Special Education
The resident school district of each student is responsible for providing services to students on IEPs.

Bus service is provided from home to and from school for students in the Coquille and Myrtle Point school districts. Students from other districts are responsible for their own transportation. Additionally, shuttles to Coquille and Myrtle Point high school as well as Southwestern Oregon CC may be available if classes are also taken on those campuses.

Winter Lakes’ administration and staff are dedicated to student success. As a component of an education at Winter Lakes School, students are offered transition services in their final year of attendance at the school. Whether planning for the work force, college, military or pursuing world travel; all students will be given the tools for success after high school with the Winter Lakes Transition Program.

Don't Forget About

If you need to take medication at school, you must have a completed Authorization for Administration of Oral Medication at School form signed by a parent/guardian (if applicable) and completed by your physician detailing the method, amount, and time schedule of that medication. The above mentioned forms must be filled out in order to have medication at school. All prescription medication will be checked-in at the school office.

Students who ride a bus are expected to wait in a calm, appropriate manner until boarding the bus. Students who drive may park on the city streets or in the gravel parking lot. Students need to remember that this is public parking and they can be ticketed by the Coquille Police Department if parked illegally or reckless driving ensues.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack service is available on a daily basis. Each student receives an application for free or reduced lunch at the beginning of the school year or upon registration. Completed applications should be returned to the secretary.

In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call, toll free 866-632-9992. Individuals who are hearing impaired or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay at 800-877-8339 or 800-845-6136 (Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.