Home School Basics

  • If a student is being home schooled, then parents must notify South Coast ESD of their intention to home school. Home school is education provided in the home by the parent or guardian. Home school parents have the full responsibility for their student's education, including all curriculum choices and record keeping.

  • Students enrolled in an online public charter school, or physically attending a local private school do not need to enroll as home school students.

  • Your registration must be submitted within 10 days of withdrawing your child from public or private school. Your child's home school registration will remain active until you notify us of change. Please notify us of any changes. Registering back into public/private school, moving out of the area, moving districts or graduating.

  • Have your child tested at the completion of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. New home school students are not required to take the first test for a minimum of 18 months, if they have recently been withdrawn from public or private school. If your child completes the 3rd, 5th, 8th, or 10th grade during this 18-month window of time, testing does no need to occur until the next required grade level.

Home Schooling in Oregon (Click here for more)

Students with Disabilities

For all questions related to Students with Disabilities and Home Schooling please contact RaeAnn Ray, Dispute Resolution Specialist, with the Oregon Department of Education at (503) 947-5722 or email her at Raeann.ray@state.or.us.