South Coast Education Service District

Our role in public education

Education Service Districts (ESDs) originated in Oregon’s first laws establishing a system of public schools, and throughout the history of the state, governance, and statutes concerning the mission of ESD have remained constant:

“Education Service Districts assist school districts and the State of Oregon in achieving Oregon’s education goals by providing excellent and equitable educational opportunities for all Oregon public school students.”

Today, 19 ESDs are serving Oregon’s 36 counties. South Coast ESD is ranked 13th in size and serves the region of Coos, Curry, and Western Douglas counties. Our service area includes the beautiful southern Oregon coast from Reedsport to Brookings as well as inland areas from Coquille to Powers.

ESDs provide services in the following core areas:

  1. Services for children with special needs;

  2. Technology support;

  3. School improvement;

  4. Administrative and support.
    *Other services may be provided if approved in a local service plan.

With the primary service goals:

  1. Improve student learning;

  2. Enhance the quality of instruction;

  3. Provide professional development to component school district employees;

  4. Provide students equitable access to resources;

  5. Maximize operational and fiscal efficiencies for component school districts

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson


South Coast Education Service District (SCESD)

SCESD provides services to 10 local school districts and approximately 16,000 students. About 125 staff members serve as teachers, education specialists, grant and special programs staff, support staff, and administrators. We are highly dedicated professionals whose passion is to support and serve our students, their families, and the community.

Overview of Services

SCESD provides services to students from birth to age 21 both within the school districts in our region and within our organization through the Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education Program. These services align with the purpose of ESDs and include special education services, instructional support to local school districts, implementation of grant programs, and technology and administration support. Please visit our program pages for more information!

Local Service Plan

What is a Local Service Plan: Each ESD, with its component school districts, must annually develop a Local Service Plan which determines how the State School Funds (SSF), will be used. Ninety percent of the SSF revenue received is subject to this process.

The Local Service Plan determines the programs and services the ESD will offer its component districts for the following fiscal year. The Plan must include services from at least the following categories:

  • Special education

  • Technology

  • School improvement

  • Administration

Using a Resolution Process, at least two-thirds of the school districts in an ESD, representing more than one-half of the student population, must approve the Local Service Plan.

Our organization’s vision is “Together We Can” and focuses on four guiding principles: Quality Service, Professionalism, Growth, and Sustainability.

Mission Statement