The Audiology Program through South Coast Education Service District (SCESD) provides, newborn screening follow-up, audiological evaluations, and educational audiology services, for children and students who live within Reedsport School District Boundaries, Coos County, and Curry County.

Who is Eligible for Audiological Services?

Students and children birth to 21 years (if still in high school) who live within Reedsport School District Boundaries, Coos County, and Curry County are eligible to receive services. Children who are home schooled or in private school setting may also receive services.

How are Children Referred for Audiological Services?

If parents, or any other referring party, have a concern about a child or student’s hearing, they may contact the program or school’s speech-language pathologist (SLP) or special education department. A child may then be referred to the SCESD audiologist for audiological services. Audiological testing is provided at the SCESD offices in Coos Bay and Gold Beach.

Audiological Testing May Include The Following:

  • Otoscopy (visual observation of the ear and ear canal)

  • Acoustic admittance testing (evaluates the eardrum and middle ear)

  • Standard air and bone conduction audiometry (behavioral testing to establish hearing thresholds)

  • Conditioned play audiometry or visual reinforcement audiometry (behavioral testing to establish hearing levels for younger children using games or visual reinforcers)

  • Speech audiometry (determines speech reception thresholds and word recognition/discrimination)

  • Otoacoustic emissions (objective assessment of the inner ear)

  • Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response (ABR) without sedation (objective assessment of the auditory pathway)

  • Testing of central auditory processing abilities. (Determines ability to process speech and sounds)

Other Audiological Services Available:

  • Consultation with parents, Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (D/HH), and school staff regarding hearing loss, educational and audiological needs of the child

  • Hearing assistance technology devices including Personal audio distribution systems and classroom audio distribution systems

  • Loaner hearing aids and hearing aid repairs

  • Ear molds

Referral for evaluation does not imply automatic eligibility. Each child’s audiological and developmental or academic needs will be evaluated by an IFSP/IEP team to determine the need for special education services from an SCESD Teacher of the D/HH and Audiologist.


There is no fee for the hearing evaluation or consultation. Parents may be responsible for the cost of hearing aids, ear molds, and hearing aid repairs. Alternative funding is sometimes available.

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