K-12 Speech

Dear Parents, Families, and Community Stakeholders,

I am happy to be in the role as program administrator of the South Coast ESD’s K-12 Speech Language Pathology program for our participating constituent school districts. I believe that our highly qualified speech pathologists and speech language pathology assistants possess the skills, commitment, and passion for providing top notch therapy and instruction.

In collaboration with our school districts’ special education teams, we are focused on supporting students kindergarten through age 21 that are enrolled in school and eligible for speech services under a communication disorder special education eligibility or another special education eligibility category that warrants specially designed instruction or speech therapy.

Our collaborative relationships with parents throughout the special education process is paramount. The team effort put into place by the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is what helps our students make progress in speech language, articulation, and social skills.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the children in both Coos and Curry counties. We are here to support children, parents, and other involved family members learn about the child’s unique needs and how to focus on their strengths and push towards growth. If you have any questions regarding school age speech services or eligibility, please contact our office.

Thank you very much

K-12 Speech Program

The K-12 Speech Program provides assessment, consultation, in-service, and direct intervention designed to facilitate the development and effective use of communication by students who have or who are suspected of having a communication disability. These services are provided to students in districts contracting with the ESD. The South Coast ESD currently employs Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathologist Assistants who work in the K-12 Speech program.