South Coast ESD Regional Inclusive Services

The SCESD Regional Inclusive Services licensed staff provides evaluation, direct services, and/or consultation for students eligible for services as determined by the parent (or adult students aged 18-21) and the special education team.

Depending on the student’s disability and their needs, some program offerings include:

  • Supporting the utilization of adaptive, assistive, and/or specialized materials and equipment.

  • In-service training and resources to local education staff and parents to assist teams with teaching strategies, interventions, and methods, access to educational instruction, use of adaptive materials and equipment, and transition to adulthood.

  • Braille, orientation and mobility, sign language, use of visual aides and supports, and positioning equipment.

  • Resources and a material lending library that includes teaching materials, books, DVDs, and parent information.

  • Liaison support for Traumatic Brain Injury is available to assist districts with the identification and support of students with a TBI.

For additional information on SCESD Regional Inclusive Services and/or the lending library, call 541-266-4025.

In collaboration with local school districts, Early Intervention (EI), Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), families, and community agencies, SCESD Regional Inclusive Services supports students through several programs. Please click the links below for more information from the Oregon Department of Education and South Coast ESD about these programs.

Jesse Graf (she/her)
Program Administrator

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The SCESD Regional Inclusive Services is part of a statewide network of “regional programs for students with low-incidence disabilities” providing equal access to services regardless of the child’s location. The program serves Coos, Curry and Western Douglas School Districts.

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